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Satanic recovery mission statement

Satanic Recovery is a refuge for those who choose to follow a 12-

step recovery framework without the confines of dogma or stigma.

It is open to all practitioners of the occult and left-hand path, with

any and all concepts of a ‘higher power’ welcomed, from theist,

atheist, agnostic, polytheist, i-theist and anything and everything in


We encourage the use of rituals, rites and practices such as

divination, magick and sorcery. We celebrate our differences and

our individual requirements that aid our recoveries, with different

approaches being respectfully questioned and used as a learning

tool, rather than stigmatised.

We offer a rational approach to the 12-step recovery program with

both online and in person meetings where any and all demons, gods,

goddesses and deities of any kind, and none, are welcome. We also

offer a fellowship of like-minded individuals in recovery where we

are all able learn from each other’s experiences

We are the renegades of recovery!

We are the rebels unite!

We are legion!

Hail Thyself!

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