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Satanic Recovery


Uncover Satan Recover Thyself


April 30, 2017

Uncover Satan, Recover Thyself delves into the adaptable nature of the Rational Satanic philosophy, giving a complete overview of how it can be utilised to its full effect for a multi-layer recovery system, which evolves as the reader discovers more on their road to recovery. It puts you in the driving seat of your recovery.

Ben Dean - Author

About the Author

“My addiction doesn’t define me, but, I define my recovery”

After several years of attempting to win his battle with alcohol and only achieving a few weeks at a time Ben found himself, at 24, sitting in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous on November 1st 2007. it was at that point that he vowed he was never going to be a slave to anything like that ever again.

Uncover Satan, Recover Thyself shows how the author was able to adapt his satanic perspective and make the widely accessible AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) programme work for him, without changing a single word of the of 12 step program, as is common with so many of the alternative paths to AA.

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